What is Inaguano ?

INAGUANO presenting to you Guano Phosphate with very Best Indonesian Organic Phosphate Fertilizer from nature. As a producer of Guano phosphate, we present Indonesian Guano Phosphate natural wealth pure and rich in nutrients. Nutrients in Guano phosphate are as different as there are a variety of manufacturers, food sources and environmental constraints. Guano Phosphate is minirised sediment being accumulated sea bird droppes, carcasses, shells, animal bones, fish, and seaweed have been heated 500 C degrees in 20 minutes before bagging Product is 100% pure and no further substances are added...

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“Good Guano Fertilizer, I Have 20 HA corn field and i have using
Inaguano for 3 months, unbelievable my corns grow so fast
and also with a big corn...(Lim Kin Yuan - Seoul)

1. Indonesian Guano, Inaguano is one of the only natural Guano fertilizers which can be used effectively at planting as it contains sufficient soluble phosphate to provide that initial kick-start.

2. It's formulated with no nitrogen and high phosphorous to focus a plant's energy on the production of flowers, fruit and vegetables.
noton excessive leafy growth.
Apply prior and during budding,
flowering and fruiting.

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