INAGUANO presenting to you Guano Phosphate with very Best Indonesian Organic Phosphate Fertilizer from nature. As a producer of Guano phosphate, we present Indonesian Guano Phosphate natural wealth pure and rich in nutrients. Nutrients in Guano phosphate are as different as there are a variety of manufacturers, food sources and environmental constraints. Guano Phosphate is minirised sediment being accumulated sea bird droppes, carcasses, shells, animal bones, fish, and seaweed have been heated 500 C degrees in 20 minutes before bagging Product is 100% pure and no further substances are added during production.
Product Benefits:
Inaguano is one of the only natural phosphate fertilizers which can be used effectively at planting as it contains sufficient soluble phosphate to provide that initial kick-start.
It's naturally formulated with no nitrogen and high phosphorous to focus a plant's energy on the production of flowers, fruit and vegetables.noton excessive leafy growth.  Apply prior and during budding, flowering and fruiting.

1. Guano is a nematocide. It destroys the primary stage of nematodes and thus eliminates them. Eliminating nematodes is the same as protecting the plant radicular system, which improves nutrition and production.
2. Guano contain a high percentage (40% and more) of organic material.
3. Because the content of cationic exchange, increasing the possibility of eating plants.
4. Guano has a variety of chelates (natural organic-mineral compounds with high molecular weight), which provides great structural stability guano and produce high residual effect on soil and substrate in which it is applied.
5. Guano composition varies according to animal feeding habits and the type and shape of the caves where they live, among other factors.
We give you, the best Guano from Indonesia

As a proof of our quality product, please see our certificate (just click the link below to enlarge)

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